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      "From Gholson?"

      "But you were in the house," he said, "disguised as a Spanish woman----"

      Miss Harper came in, and Charlotte, taking her hand without a glance, told the Captain's hard request under her voice. Miss Harper, too, in her turn, gave a start of pain, but when the dying eyes and smile turned pleadingly to her she said, "Why, if you can, Charlotte, dear, but oh! how can you?"

      "Go on, darling. I promise you not to laugh again."(1.) Into what classes can gearing be divided?(2.) What determines the wearing capacity of gearing?(3.) What is the advantage gained by employing wooden cogs for gear wheels?(4.) Why are tangent or worm wheels not durable?

      Only for a minute, a brief respite; then she must go down to her guests again.


      For the first time Lawrence showed signs of indignation. Cool and logical as he had hitherto been, he could not quite restrain himself in the presence of this woman, who had no shame or remorse, or anything save admiring curiosity."Yes,"--she put away gaiety--"your orders are plain; and they're as cruel as they are plain!"



      The walls were high, and there was nothing to be seen inside of them, as none of the buildings in that quarter were equally lofty. But the effect of the walls was imposing; there were towers at regular intervals, and the most of them were two stories above the level of the surrounding structure. For nearly a mile they rode along the base of one of the walls till they came to a gate that led them into the principal street. Once inside, they found themselves transferred very suddenly from the stillness of the country to the bustling life of the great city."Lieutenant O'Brien, of the rebel army. Shall I order this man to kick that door in? Answer quickly."